Harsh Kumar  Online entrepreneur

Who am I?

Hello Friends, My Name is Harsh kumar.

I am a Programmer, A web developer, A husband, a father, and an Entrepreneur! Perhaps most of you are interested to know Why I am sitting in a wheelchair. I was born with rare a condition: Cerebral palsy. Despite all odds, I am living a happy peaceful, mindful life.

The Internet had given me so much, In my life. Now It’s my time to give back what I have learned in my life not only in technical expect as well overall in life.

My Online Jorney

They say if you have some with you. The joy of Life is multiplied exponentially. My wife and I started youtube channels and then got some attraction.


Code Fusion

In this channel, I teach web development programming, new web technologies. Build useful real-world projects

  • front end
  • javascript
  • html
  • css

Youtube Channel: Code Fusion

Amrita GFX

My Dear wife Amrita is my inspiration, she is a Graphic designer and also have the eager to help budding students in the field of Graphic designing

Youtube Channel: Amrita GFX