Best 4 New Cryptocurrencies To Invest in 2022

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Best 4 New Cryptocurrencies To Invest in 2022: bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that is now making a fortune. the wise thing to do is to invest in new promising projects for a higher return

LuckyBlock (LBX)

LuckyBlock (LBX) is a decentralized cryptocurrency that is based on Ethereum technology. LBX has a goal of being a platform where investors can invest in businesses that are seeking funding and entrepreneurs who are seeking capital. This blockchain-based ecosystem aims to create a decentralized global marketplace across many industries and sectors. The project was started in mid-2017 and is still looking to gain traction in the market.

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The Shiba Inu Crypto token (SHI)

The Shiba Inu Crypto token (SHI) has been developed with a focus on bringing together a decentralized ecosystem that combines crypto-based technologies with a real-world use case – the breeding of purebred dogs. The SHI project was created in early 2019 and currently has a live product being used in their dog breeding business. They are running a crowdfunding campaign at the moment to raise money for development before they launch their ICO in March this year. The team behind the Shiba Inu Crypto is led by Mr. Kenji Takeda who is the founder of Doggy Parade Co., Ltd. This company has been operating since 2014 and has achieved great success for its service, especially in Japan.

 The core idea behind the Shiba Inus Crypto Token is to give people access to breed-specific, high-quality dogs. By using blockchain technology, the owner can track the progress of their dog while simultaneously providing information about the health status of the animal. These features allow for transparency between users, breeders, and owners. All dog breeds are not equal. Some breeders produce high-quality puppies but do not have any other way to advertise their products. Others are just starting and need help getting started. The Shiba Inus Crypto token aims to solve these problems by allowing people to buy, sell, or trade dogs based on their breed.

Terra Crypto

 Terra Crypto (TC) is an open-source cryptocurrency that focuses on being a solution to climate change. Its blockchain technology uses sustainable energy sources for mining. This means no electricity bills! TC is designed to provide a decentralized banking system to anyone who wants a secure way of sending money around the world. They are a “Decentralized Autonomous Organization”. This means they have no central authority overseeing operations and decisions. Instead, Decentralization enables them to set their own rules and create their policies. They are not controlled by any other individual or company.

How Does Terra Crypto Work?

 The Terra cryptocurrency works through 2 components. First, there is the Terra Token (TER), which is used as a method of exchange in the TEREcosystem. Second, there is the TER Network, which is the underlying network that allows for the transaction of cryptocurrencies. Essentially, Terra Cryptos work like this: Someone sends funds from their bank to an exchange and then exchanges them into Terra Tokens using Terra cryptos. Once the exchange has received the Terra tokens, they are transferred to the person’s wallet. Now, the Terra token can be converted back into fiat currency if desired, but it can also be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies as well.


Helium now helium is a decentralized wireless network that’s setting out to change the whole process of getting the wireless connection to lower-powered devices. Low-powered devices such as GPS trackers, pet trackers, and weather meters. 

Things that only need to transmit and share small bits of information.

Today the Helium team sees the current wireless connection as too costly consuming too much power & not providing a sufficiently cellular range. 

The plan on improve this through a network of hotspots that operate on a blockchain that people like me, and you will be able to own and get paid for providing our wireless connection.

Essentially helium’s value comes from its network effect, the bigger the network helium can create will grow and become more useful.

 What I mean by this is currently, helium works in a way where these low-power devices use these hot spots to transmit data to each other;

and the more people that buy these hot spots and start providing wireless connections result of which the helium network can grow. 

Now you’ve probably heard or seen these helium miners which have been getting a ton of buzz lately.

Where you essentially just set it up and then you can start making money from it. 

These hot spots cost around 500 dollars and you can get paid by accomplishing two things;

 one is just being a part of the network and validating other hotspots through called proof of coverage, which just means your device is verifying other hotspots in your area making sure it’s providing connection and verifying its location.

The other way you can get paid is by how much data your hotspot helps devices transfer from one another so the more data your hotspot transfers the more you can get paid as well. and this sounds good but just for a second, I have heard about people not making as much money from it because of weak signals.

So if you live in a large dorm with a lot of concrete or from a lack of hot spots near you, you won’t be able to make as much money hot spots work with each other.

So if you live in a more rural area you wouldn’t be able to verify as many hot spots which means you won’t be able to make as much money. There’s also a tremendous supply shortage for these hotspots most are reaching for double or triple is the price on eBay. 

If you’re lucky to grab one have fun waiting because their shipping times are crazy long right now. So for those reasons, it’s probably best to just buy helium’s native token hnt and bet on the network growing overall that way you have the most exposure as early as possible there’s also one other thing.

I didn’t mention the tokenomics behind helium which is when these gadgets use helium’s wireless connection they use data credits and these can only be produced by utilizing hnt so with there being a limited supply of hnt already,

and its supply being reduced as helium grows this will only increase the price of helium further and over the past 30 days helium has onboarded 76 000 new miners which just shows that helium is growing at a crazy fast pace, what’s also interesting about helium is when we look at the top layer one blockchain’s revenue over the past 90 days you’ll see that it’s beating Solana which I was shocked myself when a project is producing money and growing it’s a really good sign that 

will continue to do so in the future and as long as the miners are being properly incentivized to keep providing wireless connection to these low-power devices I think helium’s 2.9 billion dollar market cap has the potential to see a lot more growth because helium rewards is a relatively easy way for people to not only get involved in this cool project but also make some passive income on the side as well and not to mention dish network just announced a partnership with them as well where they’re going to be utilizing helium blockchain to apply their own 5g hotspots to clients so definitely keep an eye out for helium shortly

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